Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Salma Hayek will come to India

Salma Hayek will come to India: Mexican actress Salma Hayek will come to India to shoot her film ‘The Driver’, co-starring Bollywood’s badman Gulshan Grover.

The movie will reportedly be shot at Gajener Palace in Rajasthan. In the film, Grover and Hayek play a married couple.

So thrilled was Gulshan after signing this film opposite Hayek that he broke the news prematurely to the media a little while back. This had clearly upset Hayek and the film’s director Bill Duke, and Grover was summoned to New York to explain his over-exuberance.

But now the matter has been sorted out and we hear that Hayek herself will fly down to Bikaner to shoot the film in May.

Grover still can’t stop smiling ear to ear.


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